Judicial Khula; theory and practice


Mr.Muhammad Rafi
Syed Hujat Ullah


Khula is the most practically used component in the judiciary of Pakistan and this requires completely Islamic Jurisprudence but unfortunately, Neither bar nor bench has special competency on this issue, on top of that Dar Ul Ifta is a different system in Pakistan that is not recognized ultimately common peoples face problems. The question arises to examine the theory of Khula in Islamic law along with Pakistani judicial practice in this relevant matter and furthermore to point out contemporary issues with its solutions so comparative study between khula and its practice is mainly focused in this research. This paper is not just an analytical study of the topic, but it is comparing both theoretical and practical aspects of Kula so that reforms could be oriented toward emerging issues. This work has drawn the conduct for the legal fraternity in concern matter furthermore, this writing has shown a way to the public for adopting a just & fair process for canceling the contract of marriage and more importantly the replacement of Civil judges with Muftian-E-Kiram in family courts will overcome the problems in family cases.


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Bunairi, M. R., & Agha, H. (2021). Judicial Khula; theory and practice. Al-Duhaa, 2(02), 29–40. https://doi.org/10.51665/al-duhaa.002.02.0094