A علوم القرآن لدى الشيخ جوھر الرحمن The Sciences of the Qur’an by Sheikh Jawhar Rahman Section Articles


Dr. Amtul Aziz
Rehana Majeed


Islamic Scholars have developed the principles of Qur’anic Sciences in every era and area, their efforts continued until they were able to consolidate its principles and rules. Various schools of thought in Subcontinent had a long history in serving Qura’nic sciences, but their work is hidden from our Muslim and Arab brothers who don't know the Urdu language; this is what motivated me to present contemporary studies in this field. Since the twentieth century the scholars of Qur’anic sciences in Urdu language have shifted their interest from words to the themes and concepts, and attention became more focused on knowing the Qur’an’s approach and its purpose as they started learning contemporary sciences with focused on these ideas in their studies. The question that arises in this context is to what extent the scholars of the subcontinent have contributed in Tafseer of the Qur’an and its sciences? I found that the Islamic Heritage Library related in the recent period has flourished and expanded in the Urdu language. Among those studies I have chosen the well-known book “The Sciences of the Qur’an” by Sheikh Jawhar al-Rahman which is addressing basic topics of the sciences of the Noble Qur’an.


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