An Analysis of Sufi`s attitude towards Tolerance in the light of Kashf al Mahjob


Muhammad Sohail
Ghulam Yaseen
Muhammad Bilal


Tolerance is a beautiful way of life. As a basic principle of Islam, its teachings are evident in the Qur'an and Sunnah. It is the process of fostering virtues in society such as mutual love, peace, and fraternity. Any peaceful society must possess these characteristics. This excellent practice of tolerance is found in the teachings and practices of the Sufis. Hazrat Ali Hajwary is one of the pioneers of Sufism. He pushed mankind to acquire the traits of righteousness, piety, repentance, justice, patience, and perseverance, unity, gentleness, and harmony on the one side, and avoid immorality and oppression on the other, in his work "Kashf al-Mahjoob." He also taught us to live in a tolerant manner, avoiding evil tendencies like dictatorship and provocation. Because of the rising incidences of injustice, misguidance, and oppression in today's world, it is the need of time to promote tolerance to develop a peaceful ideal society based on Islamic principles. Using descriptive and analytical research methodologies, this essay tries to demonstrate the need for the value of tolerance in light of "Kashf al-Mahjoob" and its impact on society. May Allah accept our endeavor and make it beneficial to the Ummah. Amen.


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Sohail, M., Yaseen, G., & Bilal, M. B. . (2022). An Analysis of Sufi`s attitude towards Tolerance in the light of Kashf al Mahjob. Al-Duhaa, 3(01), 33–46.