Dr. Amir Hayat
Dr. Sumera Rabia


Every business venture seeks to improve its profits by increasing its productivity. Employees play an important role in enhancing the performance of their workplaces by displaying positive work attitudes. The focus on employee happiness for greater productivity in Western literature has received tremendous attention over the past few decades. However, it is important that they ignore the religious context of employees' happiness. Islam is a comprehensive way of life that guides its followers in all circumstances.

What is impact of Islamic mysticism on work behaviors of employees?

The narrative and analytical method of research is used to find out the impact of spiritual values of Islam on work people. To understand the effects of Islamic spirituality on employees' work attitudes, a standardized analysis of Western management and Islamic literature is presented.

Islamic spiritual practices provide the basis for creating a holistic work environment to enhance worker performance. Adherence to Islamic spiritual values ​​reflects the worker's commitment and dedication to work. The results of the study are helpful for future research on the topic and provide guidelines for policy makers, especially organizational management experts.


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Hayat, D. A. ., & Rabia, D. S. . (2022). IMPACT OF ISLAMIC MYSTICISM ON WORK BEHAVIORS: AN ANALYTICAL STUDY. Al-Duhaa, 3(01), 21–32.