The Western Contradictory Behavior and Inter-Religions Dialogues


  • Dr. Moazzam Ali Lecturer Islamic Studies, Govt. Degree College of Special Education Bahawalpur



Keywords: Tolerance, Pluralism, Dialogues, Kindness, Religions


Nobody denies the importance of Pluralism, Tolerance and inter-religions dialogues. These dialogues provide a suitable platform to the human beings to move ahead in this world. Everybody dislikes hatred, enmity, murder, looting, war and terrorism. Because these elements would be ruined the society very quickly. Every religion gives the message of sympathy, passion of kindness, patience and Tolerance. And these things are basics of every religion although more or less. Western thinkers also in the favor of these dialogues but sometimes their behavior is against to their statements. Then question arises to examine their contradictory behavior and furthermore to highlight contemporary statements of western thinkers with solution and this is the main point of the research. If we talk about the human being, he is a social animal, and he cannot survive alone and also he is bound to keep in relation with different kinds of peoples. For his survival, he is bound to develop inter-religions dialogues and the relationship to others without the discriminating of color, race cast or sect. So, this paper answers it by explaining the actual problem in the way of inter-religions dialogues.




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